Google Home Mini Sold Out at Walmart

Google Home Mini Already Sold Out at Walmart, But Lowe’s Has Them

Google Home Mini is shaping up to be the star to the Google smart speaker line. Walmart was offering a the device at 40% off and a $29.99 price point. They are already sold out online and through Google Express.

Lowe’s Selling Google Home Mini for $29 Through End of 2017

However, there are Google Home Mini’s still available in a number of locations. And, Walmart may get more devices in stock over the Holiday season. There is no guarantee that they will continue to sell Google Home Mini at a steep discount. The Black Friday deal was designed to drive foot traffic and online visitors. Shoppers have some good news about Google Home Mini as well. It will be on sale at Lowe’s for $29 through the end of 2017.

Lowe’s may sell out as well, but you would expect them to honor the pricing for orders place through the end of December. It was a big deal in 2016 when the Amazon Echo Dot came out at $49 and had a number a Holiday discounts. The devices sold out well in advance of Christmas Day 2016. This year, $29 seems to be the favored sale price point and out-of-stocks may well become the norm.

This is good news for Google. It is in a fierce battle with Amazon for smart speaker market share.  Google has cut Amazon’s share from over 80% earlier this year to about 71% according to Strategy Analytics. High unit volume sales for the Mini will introduce the Google product line to many new consumers. This will help Google keep up with what is sure to be another big Holiday shopping season for Amazon Echo.

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