Pre-Black Friday Sales on Amazon Alexa Products Today

There is a lot of action around discounting smart speakers for Black Friday deals by physical retailers. Amazon is not planning to be left out and has already started its pre-Black Friday sales on a number of Alexa-powered products. Amazon is even doubling up on its promotion tactics. The same deals are also listed under Amazon Echo Birthday Deals. The Echo just turned three. Here are a few sales that are available today if you are in the market for smart speakers and voice-interactive displays:

  • Eufy Genie – $24.99 (58% off). The lowest price you will see for an Echo Dot class smart speaker.
  • Echo Dot Packs – Save $33 on three. That means an average price under $39 for the three pack.
  • Echo Tap – $79.99 ($50 savings). The portable Amazon Echo that is the least well known.
  • Echo Show – Save $100 on two. That means $50 off of the $229.99 list price for Echo with a screen.
  • Echo (2nd Gen) – Save $50 on 3. That’s about a 17% savings off of the $99.99 list price.

There are also lots of discount offers on bundles such as the Echo Show with an Amazon Cloud Cam security camera (save $50), Fire HD Table with an Echo Dot (Save $50), Echo Plus with a Philips Hue Light Bulb (save $15). So, there are many opportunities to save today if you are looking to pick up some more smart speaker and smart home equipment.

Discounting Everywhere on Smart Speakers

Expect to see more discounting as we move deeper into the Holiday shopping season. Google and Amazon have an incentive to discount because they are in a fierce market share battle. Long-term customer loyalty to their voice assistants is far more important than revenue from device sales today. Google even decided to give some away for free. In addition, retailers have an incentive to discount if that brings more store or website traffic that can then be used to promote other product sales. Smart speakers are shaping up to be among the top sellers for the 2017 Holiday Season and no one wants to miss out. The beneficiaries are consumers. Keep those deals coming.

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