Echo Show On Sale for $199

Amazon Echo Show On Sale for $199. Is YouTube the Reason?

Amazon Echo Show is on sale listed on today for just $199.99. It is also eligible for same day delivery. This is the first time Echo Show has fallen below $200. The device has been listed at $229.99 since its launch in June. The key difference is that there previously was a $100 discount when you buy two and that seems to have gone away.

It is interesting that one of the featured images displays and Echo Show on a bedroom nightstand. That is considered one of the key use cases or locations suggested for the recently announced Echo Spot. The Echo Spot is much smaller but also has a screen to display information or support video calling. It may also have a bigger role to play in this story than most people recognize.

Can You Thank YouTube for the Price Cut?

There is speculation that this discount is the result of YouTube access being removed from Amazon Echo Show by Google. Variety reported Friday that sales of Echo Show are down since that incident two weeks ago.

You can see a relatively stable sales ranking pattern for Echo Show among the top selling electronics items on in this chart from CamelCamelCamel. Echo Show even peaked inside the top 20 most popular items and then there is a sharp fall-off and pattern break after September 26th when the YouTube issue arose. But, there may be another reason. Amazon announced its new lineup of products on September 27th. It could be that the sales cannibalization is more driven by consumers upgrading to the new Echo or purchasing an Echo Spot instead. Either way, with relative sales falling, the Echo Show merchandizing team clearly is looking to boost unit sales with the new discount.

More Discounting Ahead

Voicebot also noticed that the Echo Dot is on sale for $44.99. Holiday shopping season is fast approaching. Expect to see more discounting from Amazon and others as they work to drive up unit sales and market share before their competitors get a foothold in the home voice assistant product segment.

The Intriguing Amazon Echo Spot

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