Amazon Alexa Can Now Call Phone Numbers in US, Canada and Mexico


Amazon Alexa’s app update yesterday came with a new feature. You can now make calls from an Alexa device to phones, even if they are not associated with an Echo device. The Alexa calling and messaging feature launched earlier this year enabled users to reach their contacts by phone if that phone was associated with an Echo. The call was connected through the Amazon Alexa app. The recent update means you can call any number.

I tried it out today and was able to reach my father on his mobile number. It worked fine calling Mom too! The process was simple. I asked to make a phone call to “Dad.” Alexa first confirmed who I’d like to contact and then asked whose contact list, mine or my wife’s. After I confirmed it was mine, the call was connected. I tried this on an Echo Show as well and a phone icon with “Dad” was displayed. I could touch the icon to hang up or use voice commands.

You can also make a call directly to a phone number. You just need to say, “Alexa, make a phone call to [NUMBER].” She will confirm with you and ask which number you would like to call from. The device then places the call in the same manner.

Alexa Phone Number Shows Up in Code

Voicebot was the first to report that new Amazon code indicated a phone number was being assigned to each Echo device. That means the devices could be used for messaging or making calls as if it were a phone. The update for phone calling is now available and we expect to see an SMS-style feature introduced in the near future.

Calling and Messaging Comes to UK, Germany and Austria

Android Police is also reporting that calling and messaging features are being rolled out in the UK, Austria and Germany. Now every Amazon Echo owner has a speaker phone in their home.

Amazon Alexa SMS Features In Development

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