Google Home Max to Take on Sonos and Apple HomePod

Amazon may have grabbed the early spotlight today with three new Echo products, but a leak suggests that Google Home is now eying the high end audio market. 9to5 Google is reporting that Google Home Max (a tentative name) will take on new offerings from Amazon, Sonos and Apple in the premium audio speaker segment.

We’re not sure on its feature set or design, but we’re told it has stereo speakers, which likely means a singular unit with dual mid-range drivers and perhaps a single tweeter — or some similar setup. In terms of its outer appearance, we’re only told that it’s “premium” in both design and materials…The product also made an appearance, according to an anonymous tip we received earlier this year, in a focus group held by Google.

The report could not confirm the timeline for the product release, nor could it determine pricing. However, Google the timing would be good given the imminent release of the Apple HomePod which Google must surely have on its radar. I guest we’ll know whether to expect it this Holiday season after Google’s October 4th event.

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