Google Assistant Now Available in Korean

Google Assistant has been very busy the past six months. Since April, it has learned French and German and launched in five new countries. It has also appeared in new smart speakers from JBL and headphones from Bose. Google Assistant Korean language support was announced today in Seoul and marks the latest step in the voice assistant’s global expansion. The Korea Bizwire reports:

Google Korea stated that Google Assistant with Korean language support will be first unveiled on the LG V30 phone. The company intends to take things slow by making it available on smartphones running Android 6.0 over the next few weeks.

Joining Bixby, Siri and Clover

Google Assistant joins Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Siri and Clover from Naver in serving the Korean market. There was no indication about when the Google Home smart speaker would be available for Korean consumers. South Korea is a country with 51 million people and is considered an important voice assistant battleground in Asia. Siri has had Korean support for many years, but continues to have very little functionality. Samsung’s Bixby has struggled in its English-language launch but reviews of its Korean language support are more favorable.

In related news, Bixby is also available today in India and supporting Indian-English accents on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 line of products.

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