Amazon Executives Detained by Alexa?

Great headline. That likely means it comes from The Onion. The story is Alexa becomes HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Suddenly bolting the doors in every room all at once, Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant reportedly declared, ‘I’m afraid you won’t be joining us at our new headquarters’ on Tuesday before locking the company’s top executives in their Seattle office. ‘Your presence at Amazon’s new location will not be necessary.’

Click through to read the short culmination of this humorous take on what happens when computers have more control over our immediate environment.

Alexa and Pop Culture

This is yet another example of how voice assistants in general and Amazon Alexa in particular have quickly become part of popular culture. Yesterday, Voicebot reported on the new South Park episode where both Amazon Echo and Google Assistant play prominent roles. Earlier this year movie star The Rock appeared in a Siri commercial. Burger King incorporated Google Home into one of its ads and won a big industry award. Even Saturday Night Live has tapped into the Alexa zeitgeist.

If the reports of record smart speaker shipments don’t persuade you that voice assistants are destined to be important factors in our lives, then the immersion into pop culture should convince you. Pop culture reflects who are more than shapes it. The pervasive Alexa references will only serve to reinforce the undeniable trend.

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