Sony Announces Smart Speaker with Google Assistant, Google Says More to Come

The Sony LF-S50G smart speaker

Sony introduced its first smart speaker at IFA this week. The LF-S50G looks very similar to Apple’s HomePod except that it has a digital clock display. The Sony smart speaker is powered by the Google Assistant and provides the same functionality as the Google Home. But unlike Google, Sony has years of developing audio hardware and it according to reviews, it shows. The LF-S50G has a 360-degree vertical two-way facing speaker that can cover a 38 square meter room in rich audio. It is also has a IPX3 waterproof rating so it is kitchen ready. The superior sound quality will cost you – the S50G will retail for $199, $70 more than Google Home. But that is still $150 cheaper than Apple’s HomePod and you can get your hands on one sooner, as it is scheduled to ship in October.

More Google Assistant Devices Coming Soon

Sony’s LF-S50G is the first third-party smart speaker built with Google Assistant in mind from the start. And according to Google, even more devices are coming that are fully integrated with Google’s virtual assistant. At IFA, Google announced it will be putting the Assistant on partner speakers, appliances, connected cameras and more. Two other Google Assistant speakers were also announced at IFA, including the Anker Zolo Mojo and Panosonic’s GA10. It also announced a partnership with LG:

“Ok Google, wash my clothes.” Sweeter words have never been said! Starting later this year, with manufacturers like LG, you’ll be able control your appliances, including washers, dryers, vacuums and more from your Assistant on your smart speaker, Android phone or iPhone (any device with the Google Assistant built in!).

Like Amazon, Google wants its virtual assistant in as many devices as possible. Although Amazon has a head start, Google Assistant has been found to be superior to Alexa and has already has a large built-in user base thanks to its Android software. Google said it will be updating its list of new partners as the week progresses, which you can check out here.

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