Google Home Bluetooth Connectivity Now Available

Google Home Bluetooth now enables you to play audio from another device. It always seemed odd that a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity wouldn’t allow other devices to connect and use it as a speaker. You could play streaming services such as YouTube Red, Google Play Music and Spotify, but could not play your owned music or other services before the most recent update to Google Home’s firmware.

Android Police was the first to report on the update. I have confirmed that this also works on iOS if you have firmware version 1.26.93937. However, you can’t just discover your Google Home from your Bluetooth pairing in your smartphone. You must go into your Google Home settings and “Enable Pairing,” first.

Image Credit: Android Police

This feature is no game changer in the smart speaker battles, but it does help add more utility to Google Home and bring it closer to parity with Amazon Echo. It also shows that introducing a smart speaker with a voice assistant is complex. It involves enabling both base platform and AI features simultaneously.

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