3.3 million amazon echo sold

3.3 Million Amazon Echo Sold on Prime Day – MIDiA Research

MIDiA Research revealed today that there were 3.3 million Amazon Echo sold on Prime Day, Tuesday, July 11th. The firm also suggested that more than 13 million have been sold since the product launched in late 2014. When asked in an email interview how the company arrived at the 3.3 million estimate, MIDiA’s Manager Director Mark Mulligan said in an email interview:

For echo sales we have a shipment model with monthly data and we applied amazon’s self reported ‘7 times’ last year’s prime day rate to the number we had got last year. We have a model that tracks total shipment milestones and then calculates monthly shipment rates.

The “seven times more” figure was cited by Amazon in a media release on July 12, 2017. That means MIDiA’s tracking data for Prime Day 2016 was 471,000 Amazon Echo and Echo Dots sold. TechCrunch reported in the midst of Prime Day 2017 that “Insiders at the company, according to one source, say that Echo devices are selling at a rate of ‘thousands per minute’ at the moment.”

1,833 Amazon Echo Sold Per Minute?

Voicebot analysis showed that just one thousand devices sold per minute across the 30-hours of Prime Day would add up to 1.8 million units. The MIDiA estimates suggests Amazon sold an average of 1,833 Amazon Echo, Dot and Taps each minute during Prime Day. Although Amazon is not releasing sales figures it did say include this statement in its release:

Prime members’ most popular purchase was the Echo Dot, which was not only the best-selling Amazon device this Prime Day, but also the best-selling product from any manufacturer in any category across Amazon globally.

Total Amazon Echo Sales

MIDiA’s Mulligan says the Prime Day sales put Amazon at over 13 million Echo, Dot and Taps sold which means his estimate suggests sales of about 10 million units through June 2017. That figure tracks fairly closely with CIRP data which suggested 10.7 million Echo devices were sold through Q1 2017. Granted the sales rate CIRP was tracking would have put total sales before Prime Day at 13.1 million. The 3.3 million would push Echo installed base over 16 million. Voicebot analysis suggests that many sales estimates have been consistently too low and that 16.1 million Echo were sold through Q2 2017 and the new Prime Day sales will move that number close to 20 million before the end of Q3.

CIRP provided a breakdown of product sales by Echo Model in May suggesting just over half were Amazon Echo Dot, 36% the original Echo tower and 12% were either Tap or unreported. The social media chatter was heavily skewed toward Dot purchases so these ratios may change significantly in the next report. Amazon has also released the Echo Show and offered limited access to Echo Look since that report was released and Engadget reported this week that Amazon will release a new Echo device this fall as the first refresh of the original product since 2014.

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