60 Percent of Smart Speaker Owners Use Them 4 Times Per Day or More

A new infographic from IFTTT reports results from an April 2017 survey of its users and shows that 60 percent of smart speaker owners use them at least four times per day. Almost half of those say “Alexa,” or “OK Google,” seven or more times per day. It is fair to say that IFTTT users are more technically savvy than the average consumer so we have to consider than when evaluating usage trends. However, it does provide insight that voice assistant services are becoming sticky.

Alexa Holds the Lead Among Smart Speaker Owners

IFTTT found that 70% of its users owned an Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap, 30% owned a Google Home, and 8% owned both. The 8% dual ownership is exactly what Edison Research found in its consumer survey earlier this year. Edison did differ on the market share question. It’s survey found 82% to 18% ownership of Amazon Alexa-enabled products to Google Home respectively. This makes sense. The more technically savvy IFTTT user base would be less concerned about Google Home’s relative immaturity in terms of application support than a general consumer.

91% of Users Expect to Buy More Devices

There is no longer dispute about the rapid consumer adoption of smart speakers and voice assistants. There is, however, a nagging question about whether it could be a fad. The IFTTT survey data suggests that voice assistants are here to stay. In addition to the frequent daily use, 46% said they are more likely to ask their assistant for information than their smartphone and 91% suggested they are more likely to “buy another connected device in the future.” The full inforgraphic is provided below.

Amazon Alexa Has 82 Percent Smart Speaker Market Share