Buy a Pixel and Get a Google Home for Free

Android Police is reporting on a new special that Google is running. When you buy a Pixel or Pixel XL, you can get a Google Home for free. Voicebot just reported on total sales estimates for Google Home. The numbers are much higher than previously estimated but still trail Amazon Echo by a wide margin. It is not clear if this promotion is intended to bleed off Pixel inventory, increase the Google Home user base or both. However, it is unlikely to make a big dent in Google Home sales given the millions now in circulation.

Image credit: Android Police

Creating Voice Assistant Continuity

It is not new for Google to run promotions related to Google Home or Pixel. Both have been discounted in the past. However, the bundling of the two makes strategic sense given that Google wants you to use Google Assistant throughout the day. The Google Assistant handoff between Android devices and Google Home is very good today and offers the opportunity to create a seamless user experience. That is an area where Google intends to differentiate its offerings from Amazon.

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