Google Home First to Launch in Canada

Google announced it would be launching the Google Home in six new countries this summer at its I/O developer conference last month. Google did not provide any specific dates at the time but it looks like Canada will be the first to say “OK, Google.” Canadians can now preorder the smart speaker through Google’s online store or Best Buy. While Google gave a vague ship date of “2-3 weeks”, on Best Buy’s website it states that the Google Home will be ready for pick-up on June 26th. The Google Home will cost $179, comparable to its price in the United States. It is unclear whether the Canadian version of Google Home will be able to speak both French and English simultaneously or if it will be a settings options, but it will be capable of speaking both languages according to Google’s website.

Quick to Go Global

Google is quickly going global with Google Home especially when compared to Amazon. The first Echo device came to market about two years ago and yet is still only available in three countries – only one of which is does not speak a variation of English. In contrast, Google Home will be available in eight countries in less than a year from its launch. While Amazon has focused on diversifying its line of Echo products, Google has focused on getting its Google Home global with the ability to speak multiple languages, which is no small feat.

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