UK Alexa Skills Jump 35 Percent in May, Google Actions Climb 31 Percent

The UK Amazon Alexa skill store showed the fastest growth in new certified voice applications in May 2017. Total UK Alexa skills rose 35 percent to 6,238. Of those, only 92 (1.5%) are flash briefings. The US and German Alexa skill stores have flash briefings in the amount of 22% and 11% respectively. That suggests the UK can grow its Alexa skill store totals quickly by adding more flash briefings.

US Alexa skill growth reached 12,293 representing a 9% monthly growth rate. While Alexa skill growth rate had declined slightly in April, May again showed it growing again. Germany’s growth rate was 10% and included 1,291 Alexa skills as of June 1, 2017.

Google Actions Climb 31%

Google Actions had a big move from 232 at the end of April to 304 one month later representing a 31% growth. Google Actions and Alexa skills both represent interactive voice applications. Although Google showed an impressive growth rate, it is off of a much smaller base than Amazon. In raw numbers, Google added just 72 new Actions in May compared to over 1,000 new Alexa skills.

US Alexa Skill Growth Declined In April