Amazon Fire TV 4K

Alexa Included in New 4K Amazon Fire TVs From Element Electronics

Element Electronics is offering a new set Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K televisions that include Alexa integration. The models range in size from 43-65 inches and are priced between $449.99 and $899.99. The TVs can be pre-ordered now and will ship on June 14th. In addition to multi-media offerings such as Amazon Prime, Alexa integration means that the TVs will also have capabilities associated today with Echo devices.

More Alexa News in Advance of Google I/O

It is not surprising to hear about more Amazon Alexa announcements in the run-up to the Google I/O developer conference which starts later today. Google typically holds off on major product and partner announcements leading up to the event and Amazon has been busy eating up the media cycles to fill the silence. In the past week, HTC announced Alexa integration for its forthcoming U11 model, Amazon then announced the Echo Show, the calling and messaging feature between Echo devices, reward payments for game developers, new notification features for Alexa skills, and now the 4K TV. That sequence is partner product, Amazon product, major user feature, two developer benefits and back to product.

Google, of course, has Android TVs in its corner, but those products don’t have Google Assistant support today. So, this announcement helps round out Amazon’s competitive product portfolio and either offers a functionality lead or matches announcements that Google may make this week.

Amazon is Now Paying Game Developers of Popular Alexa Skills