GE’s Alexa Skill Geneva Gets an Upgrade, Adds AC Unit Control

Just in time for summer, GE Appliances’ connected AC units for windows now integrate with Amazon Alexa. Now owners of three available connected window air conditioners don’t have to get out of the bed to adjust the temperature, they can just ask Alexa to tell Geneva to do it. While a standard AC unit can come in under $200, the GE connected units are a bit more expensive starting at $299. But maybe the price is right for certain consumers who want to be able to control their AC units through voice commands and their cell phones. Ever forget to turn the AC off after you leave the house? It could save consumers money in the long run.

Geneva Gets Personality and Multi-Unit Control

With the announcement of the new Alexa integration for its connected AC units, GE also introduced a few upgrades to its skill called Geneva. Users can now ask Alexa for the status of any connected appliances to see if its running and control more than one type of appliance with the skill. Instead of only being to control one AC unit for example, the Geneva skill now allows customers to link as many units as they want. GE also states that it has given Geneva a “dash of personality” to make “her sound like a part of the family.” If any reader has the Geneva Alexa skill, I’d be interested in hearing what those changes sound like. Connect with me here or on Voicebot’s Facebook page.