Amazon Echo Introduces Alexa Life Hacks

Amazon quietly introduced Alexa life hacks this past week and promoted it with a new video. Google Home is really good at fetching information for you based on search, but Amazon is adding unique content that is specifically curated for voice assistant users. Life hacks is a good example. This video of two bros is a clever marketing tool.

Alexa Life Hacks Examples

So what are some real life hacks that Alexa suggests? Here are five, but there are clearly many, many more.

  • It’s not easy keeping clean. Well, it is if you use the dishwasher. Put kids toys and dog toys on the top rack of the dishwasher to make clean-up a breeze.
  • If you’ve been snacking at you desk again here is a quick way to clean up your keyboard. Run a sticky note between the keys to pick up any spare crumbs. I call dibs on any spare change you might find.
  • Working on something and want to stay focused? Listen to a nature sounds soundtrack. Nature is good for the brain. Science says so.
  • Have a fussy baby to soothe? Use a vacuum as a white noise machine. That baby will be sleeping soon and at least one part of the floor will be really, really clean.
  • Want to make breakfast more fun? Poor batter into small cookie cutter shapes in a frying pan. It works for eggs too. Now, where did I put my Star Wars cookie cutter pack?

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