New Market Data Page for Google Home and Assistants Stats

Last month we launched a page dedicated to all of the market data we have collected around Amazon Echo and Alexa. As promised, today we are launching a similar page for Google Home and the Google Assistant. It is now the third tab under Voice Assistant Stats, along with our market data news stories and Amazon Echo and Alexa stats.

Google Home and Assistant Stats in One Place

There is more market data available for Amazon Echo and Alexa given its two- year head start. But Google Home and Assistant data is starting to materialize, and we will publish new industry stats as they become available. Right now, you can find stats related to the number of Google Actions as well as some related to consumer awareness and trends. We wanted to give you, our Voicebot readers, a dedicated place to go to find the latest industry stats surrounding all things voice. Amazon Echo and Google Home are just two players in this space, and we will add additional pages in the future.

We hope you find these pages helpful, and if come across any interesting voice stats, please feel to share with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.