Lipscomb University Adds IBM Watson To Train Next Generation of Pharmacists

We’ve written a lot about how IBM Watson is being used by companies as a tool to help make their employees more efficient. And in some cases, even replace them. But Lipscomb University and IBM believe that Watson can also be used to aid students before they even enter the work force. Last week, Lipscomb University College of Pharmacy and IBM announced a partnership to help train pharmacy students on business analytics and insight-derived decision making. Lipscomb is the first college of pharmacy to add IBM Watson Analytics to its curriculum.

Training Data-Driven Pharmacists

With health care and drug costs increasing, hospitals now expect pharmacists to act on data-driven insights to cut cost and increase quality of patient care. Lipscomb believes IBM Watson can help its students become better employees and better pharmacists. “Being the first College of Pharmacy in the nation to offer access to Watson Analytics continues this mission by helping give our student pharmacists an advantage in predictive analytics and data mining, learning, and research. The knowledge they will gain from this collaboration will help provide the competitive edge needed to succeed in largely data driven health care careers,” said Roger Davis, Dean of Lipscomb University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in a statement.

Lipscomb’s pharmacy graduates already have a 100 percent job placement rate. Working with IBM Watson should only ensure it stays that way. It will also help future employers see the value of IBM Watson as these students join the work force and champion its use to improve operational efficiency in the hospital pharmacy.