Order Miller Lite with Amazon Alexa

“Alexa, it’s Miller Time.” You can now order Miller Lite with Amazon Alexa. It must be Beer Week in Alexa Town. We reported just this week about the new Alexa skill from Anheuser-Busch for Michelob Ultra 95. That skill is on brand and cleverly reinforces its active lifestyle positioning by suggesting 12 different workouts that burn off the 95 calories in one bottle of Michelob Ultra. MillerCoors’ new skill is also on brand. Someone brings you a beer so you can drink it. Ingenious.

More Marketing Than Delivery

The skill requires account linking to execute the transaction and the service Drizly will deliver beer to your door. Once you set up the skill, you simply need to say, “Alexa, it’s Miller Time.” I was enabled the skill by saying, “Alexa, enable Miller Time.” I was then asked to go into my Alexa app to set up a Drizly account and link it to Alexa. Despite the fact that I live in a major media market, Drizly doesn’t deliver to my location. I was fully prepared to order some Miller Lite to check out the service, but I cannot. So, is this new Alexa skill about offering consumer utility, driving beer sales or simply driving media coverage around the brand? It looks like the media coverage is the real goal today. Look, they did get this article out of it.

Advertising Age reports that Drizly delivers to consumers in more than 40 cities and my metro area is listed. However, it has limited coverage of suburban areas. I did notice in the Drizly app that neither Coors Light nor Miller Lite were listed as “Popular.” I could help with that if you would just let me order beer through Alexa. AdAge had this quote from MillerCoors in its coverage:

“Consumers are expecting a frictionless shopping experience across every area of their lives and we’re working to make it easier for legal drinking age consumers to get their hands on a beer through several testable areas,” Brian Pokorny, senior manager of digital marketing and media at MillerCoors, said in a statement.

True enough. “Stay thirsty my friends.” I will until Drizly can make it out my way.

Anheuser-Busch’s Ultra 95 Alexa Skill Lists Workouts to Burn Off a Beer