Ford Drivers Can Order Starbucks with Amazon Alexa

Ford announced in the January that it would be integrating Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into Ford cars. Separately, Starbucks announced voice ordering through Alexa in January. Geekwire reports that yesterday these two concepts came together so you can order your Starbucks coffee while driving.

Starbucks chief technology officer Gerri Martin-Flickinger announced the new feature on stage and showed a video of her testing the integration…With the new Alexa skill, customers designate their “usual” Starbucks order in advance and can then place the order from one of the most recent 10 stores they’ve ordered from, using their voice with an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device.

Wait Until Summer for Your Coffee On the Go

For the time being, Ford drivers will have to order their coffee before they leave the home. Alexa integration into most Ford vehicles isn’t scheduled for availability until this summer for SYNC3 users. Also, in-car Alexa won’t always be listening like it is in the home. Drivers will need to press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel to access Alexa. So, Starbucks will just be a button click away while you are driving your Ford around town.