A Review of the New GrubHub Amazon Alexa Skill

GrubHub customers can now order food through Amazon Alexa with the company’s new skill. However, the choices are limited to the past three meals that have been delivered. I gave it a try and the set up was fairly easy. After enabling the skill on my phone, I asked Alexa to “Tell GrubHub I’m hungry.” She walked me through setting up my account which required selecting a default delivery address and payment method. All I had to do was tell her which option number I wanted.

Hands Free Ordering?

However, when it got to ordering the actual food, things got a little tricky. My default address was my home address, but over the years I have inadvertently put my home address in multiple times. So when I asked for my order history, that particular address option only had two past orders. Alexa isn’t pulling your complete order history, it is only pulling the order history for the specific default address selected.

While this could be convenient for those ordering at home versus work, it could also be a problem for those who frequent two addresses. Alexa also doesn’t give many details about the orders. She only gave the restaurant name and the delivery date. So if you can’t remember if that pizza order from September is your usual, you will have to go into your GrubHub app to look it up. But if you are the type of person who orders the same Chinese takeout every Sunday, you will have no problem placing an order without accessing the app. While the GrubHub Alexa skill wasn’t completely hands-free for me, it was easy to set up. I just need to clean up my GrubHub account before ordering next time.