Voicebot Home Page and Stats – 2

Introducing The Amazon Echo and Alexa Stats Page

Today we are launching a dedicated page for Amazon Echo and Alexa stats. Regular readers of Voicebot know that we like market data, a lot. There is even a tab on our site that provides quick access to the best voice assistant market data related news. We analyze stats and charts published by others and conduct our own original analysis of primary and secondary data. Once published, you can still find the information through our handy search bar but that only enables you to look at charts inside of the original posts. Today, we have revamped our Market Data tab as Voice Assistant Stats. You have two options. You can look at the latest news and commentary on market data (i.e. the posts) or you can go right to a list of stats (i.e. the charts and other data).

Voice Assistant Stats

Making Amazon Echo and Alexa Stats Easier to Find

We will continue to publish posts that provide context around charts and market data that are newsworthy. For those that include interesting statistics or charts related to Amazon Echo and Alexa, we will also publish those separately on the dedicated stats page. Our goal is to provide a go-to page where you can easily find the latest industry stats. In the coming weeks we will also publish additional stats pages that are not Amazon related data. But, let’s face it. Right now there is a lot more data around Amazon because it is the market leader and essentially created the industry we follow today. We expect more data focused on the other players to be produced throughout 2017.

An Easy Way to Stay Up-to-Date

Many Voicebot readers subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive the top 4-5 stories on voice assistants and AI each Friday. We recognize that market statistics may be more critical for you to know “when it happens.” On any of the market stats pages you will be able subscribe specifically to “Market Stat Alerts.” We will push those emails out whenever a new post related to market data is generated or a new chart is posted on a stats page so you won’t have to wait until Friday to see the news. It will hit your email box the same day.

If you have 30 seconds, let us know what you think about Voicebot in general and the new Echo and Alexa stats page in particular.