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Reward Gateway Launches First Employee Engagement Alexa Skill

Amazon’s Alexa is marketed as a B2C device and has very few business-focused skills as a result. But recently there have been a few improvement upon this, like Alexa’s recent integration with Microsoft Office 365. And now, Reward Gateway has launched the first employee engagement Alexa skill for Human Resources professionals who use their platform. The skill allows them to access employee information, the performance of their employee engagement program, trending company news and benefits popularity during a given time period.

The company believes an Alexa skill is a logical progression from their successful mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. Today, more people than every bring their work home with them. Reward Gateway sees Amazon’s Alexa as another opportunity to engage with professionals at home.  “This is the first step towards the next generation of technology in the workplace and means our clients will have another tool at their disposal to build a meaningful connection with their employees,” said Richard Hurd-Wood, Chief Product Officer.