Edison Research 63 percent know Amazon Alexa or Google Home

63% of US Population Know of Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Edison Research and Triton Digital reported yesterday that 63% of the US population 12 years of age and older know about either Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This may not surprise you given the big advertising campaigns that both companies waged in the fourth quarter of 2016 and leading up to the 2017 Super Bowl. This is an important statistic for the makers of home-based voice assistants. Only if consumers know these are a choice can they purchase.

It’s Bigger Than 82% of Amazon Customers

Earlier this year Geekwire reported on a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) study that found 82% of Amazon customers were aware of the Amazon Echo. That was up from 69% in just three months.

Data from 2016 suggest that Amazon had about 121 million customers which means 99 million were aware of the Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice assistant. That is a lot of people. However, the Edison data represents the entire population. When we look at awareness of just Amazon Alexa, we see 57% of U.S. adults or 142 million people know about the device. That also means about 28% of people that are not Amazon customers also know about Alexa. Another way to look at this is people that are Amazon customers today are about three times more likely to know about Alexa than the general population.