NCAA March Madness Coverage Now Available on Amazon Alexa

Ahead of Selection Sunday, the NCAA announced that live streaming coverage of its March Madness tournament will be available on 15 digital platforms, including Amazon Alexa devices for the first time. “You can go on and say, ‘Alexa, please show me the Syracuse-Duke game,’ and it’ll turn it on to Westwood One that game,” Turner president David Levy said Tuesday.

There will also be a March Madness Alexa skill where fans can ask about scores and final results. It will also provide play-by-play audio for games provided by Westwood One. For the first time, Turner’s iStreamPlanet will provide the live streaming infrastructure for all games available through March Madness Live. Turner acquired a majority stake in the online video specialist iStreamPlanet in 2015. The company is now leveraging iStreamPlanet’s expertise in managing large-scale streaming video along with it’s 14 year deal with the NCAA tournament to engage a larger audience on more platforms than ever before. “When we signed this deal back in 2010, no one thought about Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Alexa, Xbox as opportunities to push product on a timely basis through those different platforms,” Levy said. “And this is the perfect product.