Amazon Alexa Now Supports Outlook 365 Calendars

Amazon Alexa Supports Microsoft Office 365You can be excused for believing this already existed given that Voicebot reported on a similar story just 3 weeks ago. Microsoft Office 365 calendars are now supported by Amazon Alexa. The earlier announcement referred only to calendars for personal use. Microsoft Office 365 is the business suite and using it with Alexa requires account linking. After that it works much like other calendars such as Google calendar which has had Alexa integration since launch.

To set up your Microsoft Office 365 Alexa integration, go into your Alexa app and select Menu > Settings > Calendars and then Microsoft. You will be greeted by an image similar to the one on the right. Login with your Office 365 credentials and start checking your calendar through Alexa and setting appointments by voice.

The Beginning of More Business Productivity Skills

There are very few business Alexa skills today. The addition of one of the most popular business productivity tools to Alexa is a step in the right direction. Let us know how you like your Office 365 integration on LinkedIn or on our new Facebook page.