Insurance Companies Increase Alexa Skill Offerings

The insurance industry continues to be one of the most progressive when it comes to engaging with their consumers on the voice web. Earlier this year, we wrote about how Grange Insurance and Aviva became the fourth and fifth insurance companies to add Alexa skills. And now Allstate has joined them. The new skill lets users find the due date or what the minimum amount due is for their next bill. It also enables users to find a local Allstate agent based on their zip code.

The First Insurance Alexa Skill Adds New Capabilities

liberty-mutual-master-kits-amazon-alexa-skillLiberty Mutual was the first insurance company to create an Alexa skill and is now increasing its capabilities. Recently Liberty Mutual partnered with the online knowledge bank HowStuffWorks to create a set of “MasterKits” to educate consumers on home and auto insurance related issues. In addition to being available online, the content is also accessible on Liberty Mutual’s Alexa skill. Users can ask Alexa how to prepare for a hurricane, stay safe on the road or buy a car with confidence.

While there is no data available about the Liberty Mutual skill’s use, the fact that the company is updating its skill and adding new features is a sign that it has been successful. Insurance companies have long used emotional messaging in their marketing campaigns to connect with consumers. An Alexa skill is yet another way to engage with them and build brand loyalty. Jenna Lebel, Assistant VP and Manager of Digital Marketing for Liberty Mutual told brandchannel, “We wanted to take our relationships with customers further, beyond the transactional nature of insurance, and also help them responsibly navigate the anxieties that come with owning their cars and homes. “Our hope is that by demonstrating our commitment to helping them live their life with less worry, people will find value in being Liberty Mutual customers.”

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