Alexa Can Now Be Your Personal Travel Agent

A new Alexa skill developed by Virgin holidays turns Alexa into your personal travel agent. The Virgin Holidays skill lets users book a trip by searching for the best ticket value from over 3 million dates, airports and destinations. The virtual assistant will then send a booking link to the Alexa app on the user’s phone. One interesting thing to note about the app is that the idea didn’t come from the Virgin Holidays’ marketing team. Instead, a web team member was inspired after visiting the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and developed the skill in his spare time at home.

“Following my trip to AWS re:Invent, I was inspired to bring some of this incredible technology to travel, so I started working on it at home. Once I was happy with what I had developed, I brought it to the team and they all agreed it is a good first edition. I love the idea of customers having their own personal travel agent at home, which draws on the huge resource of Virgin Holidays,” said Declan Newman, Senior Developer at Virgin Holidays.

To view a demo of the Virgin Holidays Alexa skill, click the video below.