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Google Home Coming to UK This Summer

It looks like the UK will be another site for the battle between the Amazon Echo and Google Home beginning this summer. BBC News reports that Rick Osterloh, Google Hardware SVP, confirmed the Google Home will become available in the UK some time in Q2 of this year.

Google is playing catch up with Amazon, who already has an expansive lead in sales, number of apps and overseas availability. The Echo has been on sale in the UK since September of last year and already has over 4,000 skills available for users. But Osterloh doesn’t seem deterred. He went on to tell BBC News that Google is in a unique position to compete with the Amazon Echo based on its search capabilities. “We’ve got so much history with people using our search products and people using voice queries through Android phones… that we’re able to much better answer these types of question. All this data really helps in us making sure we understand what the user is looking for.”