Logitech Turns Your Car Into an Amazon Alexa Controller

Logitech introduced its new ZeroTouch app-and-dock system which brings Amazon Alexa control to your car. While car manufacturers like Ford, Hyundai and Volkswagen have announced plans to integrate the voice assistant into new models, Logitech’s ZeroTouch lets any car have Alexa support. Users can control music, send texts and get directions with voice commands in addition to Alexa’s other skills.

Robert Baldwin of Engadget tested Logitech’s new device. He cites one big difference between Logitech’s Alexa application and the one people use at home: there is no wake word. Instead, you have to hold or wave your hand over your smartphone to activate Alexa. Not exactly ideal while driving. The other difference is that ZeroTouch is not capable of vehicle specifics. For instance, Volkswagen’s integration will alert you at home of your car’s fuel level so you can plan ahead or let you order replacement parts.

However, Logitech’s device does it make it easy to launch the system once in your car. Drivers attach a slim piece of metal to their phone. Once the phone is locked into the magnetic dock that can either be placed on an air vent or dashboard, the app launches automatically. The ZeroTouch system ranges from $60 – $80. It might not be quite like having Alexa integrated directly into your vehicle, but the price is certainly cheaper than purchasing a new car. And as Baldwin asserts, “And it’s available right now, which isn’t something we can say about many automakers’ built-in offerings.”