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Voicebot Data Shows Up in Recode

We work pretty hard to do sound analysis on the market and report on news relevant to voice assistants and AI. For example, we put out an estimate of Echo units sold in 2016 in late December and were among the first, if not the first, to claim that over 7 million were in circulation. Some recent estimates may show we were underestimating sales figures (more on that next week), but at the time there was skepticism suggesting it might be too high. The only thing I know for sure about forecasts is they are wrong until you have reported actuals. The remaining question is how wrong or how right they turn out to be. We strive to be on the right side of that reckoning.

The Recognized Source for Alexa Skill Counts

Team Voicebot has also become known for our tracking of the rapidly growing Alexa skill count. That is something that is not a forecast. We report actuals. As independent media, I was pleased to see our chart on Alexa skill count show up in Recode today. That means leading tech media are paying attention to the space and they are recognizing where to find the latest information and analysis – or in this case a Voicebot reader shared the data with them which also works. Of course, the journalist can’t be faulted for having missed our update just 13 hours earlier that a new, 8,000 skill milestone had passed. They had the 7,000 skill mark chart in the article, but it still made the point of rapid growth and developer interest.

So, we are happy to see the recognition for the Voicebot community and I’d like to use this opportunity to request that you share other market data with us when you encounter it. That way we can make it available to the community and continue our mission of education. Click the link or image below to read the article. It’s an interesting analysis of voice application usage trends. .

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