The Top 14 Products Featuring Amazon Alexa at CES

Last week, we wrote about how Amazon Alexa dominated this year’s CES without even having an official presence at the show. TechHive also took notice and compiled a list of the top 14 products that featured Amazon Alexa integration. Some of these we have already covered at Voicebot, like the Samsung Powerbot vacuum, the Lenovo Smart Assistant and the Huawei Mate 9 smart phone. The list also includes home appliance integration, like with LG’s Smart InstaView Refrigerator and new Whirlpool appliances.

But what TechHive’s article indicates is that soon, voice computing will be everywhere, even in power strips. TechHive featured the Incipio CommandKit Smart Power Strip which allows the user to independently control each of the four outlets and monitor the energy usage for each device plugged in. From lamps to cars to home appliances, it is clear from this year’s CES that companies are investing in voice-integrated technology. And that Amazon Alexa is the leading choice for companies when it comes to selecting a voice assistant today.