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Adobe Testing Voice Assistant for Photo Editing

Adobe started talking about Voice User Experience in a blog post in the spring of 2016. It was clearly more than merely interest in a rising trend. This week Adobe released a video on YouTube showing how voice could be used to edit in photoshop.

Think about what this means for image editing and publishing software. These solutions have a lot of features, many of which are hard to find if you aren’t using them frequently. Others require training or laborious research to uncover. Could the AI eventually suggest different options that the user may not be aware of or learn a user’s preferences? Could the voice interface offer a tutorial that could increase the speed at which a user learns about capabilities in the process of editing as opposed to a separate activity? Voice could help democratize photo editing skills by making it even easier for novice users to get the most out of Adobe products. In turn, this would likely expand the potential customer base for the customer. Fascinating.