Alexa Winning Over Third Party Devices

It seems like everyone wants to be seen with Alexa at this year’s CES. This isn’t surprising considering Amazon’s Amazon Echo and Echo Dot sales this holiday season. A number of vendors are looking to capitalize on this success with Echo-like clones who also happen to have Alexa. Some have more to offer than others.

C-Way’s Memoo is a smart speaker that has additional kid friendly and parental control features. But the price tag is almost four times that of the Echo Dot. Mattel’s Aristotle is also a kid-friendly voice-activated device but is also a baby monitor, a video camera and a nursery assistant. For instance, it can recognize when a baby wakes up and will play a lullaby, white noise or a favorite song to soothe them back to sleep. The Lenovo Smart Assistant is as close to an Echo clone as you can get. It even has the same shape. However, Lenovo is offering a Harmon Kardon model that provides better sound quality than that of the Amazon Echo for the same price.

It’s not just speakers that are getting an Alexa upgrade this year. Samsung introduced a robotic vacuum that can be controlled through Alexa and Huawei launched the first smart phone with Amazon’s Alexa pre-installed.