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Post to Facebook by Voice with IFTTT and Google Assistant

IFTTT, the automation rules solution If-this-then-that, has a new listing that enables users to post to Facebook by voice using Google Assistant. I tried it this morning. It took less than a minute to enable and worked the first time.

While Amazon’s Alexa has had a Twitter skill (i.e. a custom voice application) for some time that can read tweets and look up trends, Google Assistant has only recently introduced the concept of actions (i.e. custom voice applications). This means Google Home and Pixel smartphone users haven’t had as many utilities to choose from as the more established Amazon Alexa user base. IFTTT is filling in that gap.

The posting to Facebook is not all you can do with IFTTT. There are currently dozens of IFTTT recipes for Google Assistant which means Google Home can do them as well. If you are looking to make your Google Home smarter and more productive, swing by IFTTT. Of course, the same can be said for Amazon Alexa. IFTTT has a seemingly endless list of Alexa recipes here.

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