Mark Zuckerberg Built His Own AI Assistant

Fast Company – Last January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would build his own AI assistant using Facebook tools to run his home. And this month, it became a reality. Fast Company’s Daniel Terdiman received an in-home demo of Jarvis, the name Zuckerberg gave to his AI creation. Using a custom iPhone app or Facebook Messenger bot, Zuckerberg can control the music, lights and temperature in his home, open the front gate for friends and even make toast. While controlling Jarvis with typed commands in the Facebook Messenger bot worked like a charm, Zuckerberg had to repeat his voice commands multiple times. He admits programming Jarvis to parse very similar phrases was a key challenge during the project.

Another challenge Zuckerberg faced was connecting Jarvis to all of his home devices because the different systems used speak different languages. “For assistants like Jarvis to be able to control everything in homes for more people, we need more devices to be connected and the industry needs to develop common APIs and standards for the devices to talk to each other,” Zuckerberg said. LINK