Alexa Skills

Amazon Alexa Skills Now Number Over 6000

It was less than a month ago that we announced Alexa skills had surpassed the 5,000 mark. This morning, Amazon moved past the 6,000 mark. We now have a steady rise of at least 1,000 new skills per month from mid-August through mid-December. The weekly compound growth rate of  new skills during that period was about 7%. The current trend is about 245 new skills approved each week.

It appears that about 12% of all solutions today are Flash Briefings and most of those are by Patch. To be technical, a Flash Briefing is not a skill so you really have a little over 5,000 skills today and the balance is Flash Briefings. This is important from a developer point of view since Flash Briefings are very simple and offer very limited user functionality. However, all 6,000 represent unique content that can be found by users.

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