Adyoulike Using AI to Target Native Advertising

adyoulike-ai-advertisingSome might see it as a sign of the coming apocalypse. Others may see it as a technology developed to help humanity being put nefarious use. Yes, AI is coming to advertising near you. And, it’s not just any advertising. Enterprise Innovation reported that “Adyoulike is claiming that it is the first in the world to use semantic targeting [enabled by] artificial intelligence for native advertising.”

The AI behind this endeavor is apparently IBM’s Watson. Adyoulike positions itself as a Sell-side Platform (SSP), also known as a supply-side platform. SSP’s provide tools that enable web publishers to manage their ad inventory and make slots available to ad servers when viewers visit their websites. Crunchbase lists Paris-based Adyoulike as “Europe’s Leading Native Advertising Network & Platform,” and reports the company has raised $6.9 million from investors including $5 million as recently as October.

The solution will use contextual link, sentiment and semantic analysis so publishers can better target native ads to their online audience. Programmatic buyers will be able to use the service through Adyoulike in the first quarter of 2017.