IBM’s Project Intu Brings Watson’s Capabilities to Any Device

SiliconAngle – IBM launched a new system-agnostic platform called Project Intu. The platform will allow developers to enable the machine learning capabilities of IBM’s Watson “in the physical world via robots, spaces, objects and avatars” according to the company’s website. Developers can use Watson services like the Conversation, Language and Visual Recognition APIs to design devices that interact more naturally with users to create a more meaningful experience.

“Project Intu allows users to build embodied systems that reason, learn and interact with humans to create a presence with the people that use them—these cognitive-enabled avatars and devices could transform industries like retail, elder care, and industrial and social robotics,” said Rob High, IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO of IBM Watson in a statement. IBM is hoping that a simplified developing environment will fuel innovation as Project Intu supports a variety of operating systems such as Raspberry Pl, Mac OS, Windows and Linux to name a few. LINK