Amazon Has Introduced an Alexa Skill Marketplace

Digital Trends – Amazon introduced a much-needed update to its Alexa Skills marketplace this past weekend making it easier for users to search, discover and enable new skills. Amazon also now features “Alexa Skills” in the drop-down search bar on its home page. This prime real-estate demonstrates Amazon’s confidence in its investment in Alexa and its related devices.

The marketplace highlights key skills and users can browse from more than 20 different categories. ‘Education and Reference’ leads as the top category with almost 900 unique skills while surprisingly, ‘Shopping’ only has 14. Users can also browse by what’s trending and customer favorites. Amazon is now making it even easier for users to find skills and developers and brands should take note. “For the first time, you can drive customers directly to your skill detail page to increase discovery and engagement for your own skill,” said Alexa chief evangelist David Isbitski in a blog post. “Developers can also improve organic discovery by search engines by optimizing skill detail pages.” LINK