TechCrunch – IBM Watson and Udacity Want Developers to Learn AI Online

TechCrunch – Udacity is partnering with IBM Watson, Didi Chuxing and Amazon Alexa to offer a new nanodegree in artificial intelligence. The education platform company and IBM Watson are working together to develop the course curriculum for students who have already mastered software development. Didi Chuxing and IBM Watson have both declared they intend to hire students who graduate with the new AI nanodegree. Although the curriculum is still being developed, the course will consist of two, 13-week long terms scheduled to start in early 2017.

Artificial intelligence is still a relatively new field and has already created new tech fields like conversational computing. When asked in yesterday’s interview who should be designing for the voice web and therefore artificial intelligence, Smartly.ai CEO Hicham Tahiri said it best: “Every brand, business, student, and developer because it’s the future.” LINK