VentureBeat: 10 Things I Hate About the Google Pixel’s Assistant

Jordan Novet of VentureBeat belives the Google Assistant is better at understanding him than Apple’s Siri, but it does have a few faults. Ten to be exact. And some are surprising. Even though Google Assistant is integrated with Google’s powerful search technology, it still can’t answer some basic facts. The assistant was unable to tell Novet how many days to the presidential election or answer questions about the phone’s battery life.

It also only works with one Google Account at a time which means it can’t pull up emails from your work account if you’re logged into your personal one. A few of these items will most likely be fixed in the near future as the Google Assistant is still very new. For instance it only speaks English and isn’t integrated with some popular apps, like Trello. Even with these flaws, Google is still achieving what it set out to do with its new assistant: beat Siri. LINK