Tim Cook Says Apple’s Future is in AI

Apple is building a new Research and Development center in Japan, scheduled to open by year’s end. In an interview with Nikkei Asian Review, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that the new facility will focus on developing artificial intelligence technology. “I cannot tell you specifics,” he said in the interview. “The specific work is very different.”

But Cook did discuss the company’s plans to expand it’s AI capabilities with Japanese companies. “AI is horizontal in nature, running across all products, and is used in ways that most people don’t even think about. We want the AI to increase your battery life, to recommend music to Apple Music subscribers… [to] help you remember where you parked your car,” said Mr. Cook.

With sales increasing for Amazon’s Echo device and Google’s recent launch of Google Home, it is crucial for Apple to improve it’s AI technology and offerings. And Siri cannot be it’s only answer to the competition – a recent study showed that 70% of iPhone users say they use Siri only sometimes or rarely. LINK