Digiday – How Three Publishers are Staffing for Amazon Echo

Digiday – Max Willens put up an interesting story this week discussing about how publishers are addressing the operational requirements to support dynamic content on Alexa devices. The voice assistant space is growing fast and publishers on both sides of the pond have made an early commitment to having a presence on the voice web. Comments from The Daily Mail, Washington Post, Bloomberg and Digiday are included.

The total effort expended appears to be minimal to about one hour per day. Bloomberg has a bit of an advantage since it has radio content it can repurpose. The Washington Post has been selling sponsorships for its Alexa feed and claims that its modest efforts have, “paid off insanely well.” Of course, full disclose should note that the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos and he also has a small role in Amazon. That may cause some added motivation to monetize. LINK