CNET – Amazon breaks out streaming music in a duet with Echo

CNET – Amazon is using the Echo and Alexa voice assistant to attack the music streaming business from a new angle. It is offering a $4 monthly price for unlimited, ad-free, on-demand music on the devices. All competing services with this type of music access are $10 or more per month. The difference here is that Amazon’s new service is limited to the device. Spotify, Slacker, Apple Music and the rest enable you to take your music with you on your mobile phone, download for offline listening and more.

Amazon also announced that Music Unlimited service is available across devices at $10 / month or at a discount of $8 / month for its Prime Members. Again, that $8 price point is a 20% discount to the incumbents services. As the saying goes, “If you like your streaming service, you can keep your streaming service.” However, Amazon is going to test how price sensitive the market is for streaming music. LINK