What Consumers Want in Voice App Design 2019

An Empirical Study of Voice App UX

There are many opinions about the elements of good voice user experience (VUX) design. However, they are invariably subjective. We looked for existing empirical studies of VUX focused on voice apps and came up empty-handed. So, Voicebot collaborated with and Pulse Labs to add some data to a see of opinion on several topics including:

  • Do voice assistant users prefer human voices to synthetic voices and if so, by how much?
  • Do users prefer male or female voices? Is that preference the same when considering human or synthetic voices?
  • How does the age of the user impact these preferences?
  • How long is too long when delivering content through a voice assistant?
  • Is there a difference in tolerance for the length of voice assistant content delivered by a human compared to a synthetic voice?

The report includes 18 charts in just under 20 pages of analysis. From what we can tell, it is the first time anyone has put numbers behind user preferences around the voices used in voice assistants. Fill out the form to download now and let us know what you think.

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