Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2018

The Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2018 is a collaboration by Voicebot, PullString and RAIN Agency. It was launched to better understand U.S. consumer trends and use cases for smart speakers today. The report is broken into five sections.

  • Smart Speaker Ownership Data: how many users, what devices do they use, gender breakdown, smartphone ownership and related data. We even discuss the relationship between iPhone ownership and smart speaker preferences.
  • Smart Speaker Use Cases: what are smart speakers used for and how frequently. There is a top seven set of use cases that are forming consumer habits today.
  • Voice Commerce: how many people have tried voice shopping, what percentage are regular users and what smart speakers do they own. You probably wouldn’t guess which device owners are more likely to have shopped using their voice.
  • Voice App Discovery: how many users have tried third-party skills and voice apps and how do they find them.
  • Perspectives of Non-Owners: why haven’t they purchased a smart speaker and how many expect to buy one in 2018. Guess what? Privacy concerns don’t top the list and new buyers could grow the smart speaker user base by 50% in 2018, and many are interested in the HomePod.

The report is 29 pages and includes 23 charts, numerous other data points and commentary. We hope you find the report informative and it helps you better understand the current adoption of smart speakers in the U.S.

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