Australia Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2019

The Australian Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report 2019 is a collaboration by Voicebot and FIRST. It is the first installment tracking Australian consumer trends and use cases for smart speakers today. It also provides a comparative analysis of the smart speaker markets of the U.S. and Australia and is broken into five core sections:

Smart Speaker Ownership Data: How many users, device and manufacturer installed base market share, and the rise of smart displays. There are several key differences between the Australian and U.S. market share by brand and device.
Smart Speaker Use Cases: What are smart speakers used for and how frequently, including the adoption rate of voice shopping.
Voice Assistants on Smartphones: How smart speaker adoption influences voice assistant use on smartphones and overall adoption.
Voice App Discovery: How many Australian users have tried third-party Alexa skills and Google Actions and how they discover them
Consumer Sentiment About Smart Speakers: What do smart speaker owners care about when buying a smart speaker, how concerned are they about security, and how these will impact the Australian smart speaker market going forward

The report is 33 pages and includes over 35 individual charts, data points and commentary. We hope you find the report informative and it helps you better understand the current adoption of smart speakers in Australia and how it compares to that of the U.S.

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